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Burton Lipstick Snowboard - Women's - 2012/2013

Our Price: $239.95 ($240.00 savings)
MSRP: $479.95
Item #: 1370391

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Burton Lipstick Snowboard - Women's:  Not quite cambered, not quite Flying V.  The Flat top makes this board stable at full speeds without sacrificing the catch free feeling you'd expect from rocker.  No matter the conditions, the Lipstick will diversify your game.  

Diecut Base Color Combinations May Vary
Hi-Speed Quad Package
Adding performance, speed, and strength while reducing weight, with results even a novice will immediately appreciate. You will find many of our team riders on these boards.
The Channel
The Channel offers the quickest, easiest way to mount your bindings with the most stance options possible. Take control of your stance and your board like never before, micro-adjust your width and angles with ALL major binding formats including EST®, Re:Flex™, and Disc. M6 hardware means compatibility with all major binding companies, making it a choice for any rider.
Flat Top
Rising rider or seasoned pro, keep your game high and tight on the Flat Top. A flat profile between the feet means stability, better balance, and continuous edge control. The tip and tail kick up with an early rise outside the feet for the catch-free, loose feeling you’d expect from rocker.
Twin Shape
The shape is perfectly symmetrical for a balanced ride that’s equally versatile when ridden regular or switch. Jib, spin, stomp, and butter with a greater balance of freestyle mobility and cat-like stability no matter which way you point it.
Directional Flex
This versatile flex features increased pop in the tail and a more resilient nose that allows riders to easily maintain control and flow through all terrain and conditions.
True Flex
True Flex™ optimizes women's board design to match the geometry and finesse of female riders. Torsional softness underfoot transitions to stabilizing zones between and outside your feet. The result is improved stability, effortless edge control, and energized pop in the tip and tail.
Super Fly® Core
Lightened up and loaded with pop, this vertical sandwich of hard and soft woods saves weight and improves snap and response. Further optimized for float in our freeride focused boards, and strength in our park-focused boards.
Dualzone™ EGD™
The wood grain is positioned along the toe and heel edges on two continuous zones, perpendicular to the rest of the wood core, for consistent edge-hold and added strength.
Triax™ Fiberglass
Versatile flex and response for everything from mini to mega shred.
Sintered Base
Durable and highly porous, get added durability and superior wax absorption for greater overall glide.
Jumper Cables Hi-Voltage
Jumper Cables on the NEW Process V-Rocker, NEW Déjà Vu V-Rocker, Blunt, Hate, and Social are ultra-light carbon stringers that radiate energy outward from your feet towards the tip and tail. Beyond adding amplitude to your ollies, they also create more snap when powering through turns. For maximum flight, the Jumper Cables Hi-Voltage on the Joystick, Hero, Hero Limited, and Lip-Stick use carbonated rods for ultra-electrified pop and performance.
This exaggerated tip and tail scooping turns up the edges for a looser, more forgiving feel that adds catch-free fun when riding everything from a knee-high box to neck-deep pow.
Frostbite Edges
Edges beneath your bindings extend out slightly for tremendous edge-hold on hard, icy conditions. Powerful when you need them, playful when you don’t, Frostbite Edges are hungry for hard-pack while remaining ever forgiving in softer conditions.
Ellip Kicks
This elliptical tip and tail shape promotes pop while providing added float and clearance when riding pow and variable conditions.
A tapered tip and tail thickness reduces swing weight for easier mobility.
Infinite Ride™
This Burton-exclusive technology allows us to maximize pop and strength by overbuilding the board, then putting it in a machine that breaks in the board for you. Whether you choose to ride Springloaded, Rocker, or Camber, rest assured that with Infinite Ride™ your board will maintain its flex, pop, and feel from the first day forward, season after season.

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