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Zeal Optics SPPX Eclipse Goggles



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Zeal Optics SPPX Eclipse Goggles

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Zeal Optics SPPX Eclipse Goggles:

Lens technology:
SPPX Lens: Spherical Polarized + Photochromatic

Wide perspective goggle.  Helmet compatible.


Photochromic polarized lens automatically adjusts the tint in changing light conditions, which means it performs incredibly well in everything from low light to bright sun

In-mold lens design reduces bulk and the pivoting strap attachments make it ideal for use with a helmet

Anti-fog coating is guaranteed to never wear off

Spherical lens provides superior peripheral visibility and light refraction

In-mold lens design reduces overall bulk and weight


User reviews


Author: Jim

I bought a pair of these last year, and they worked so well, under a variety of weather circumstances, that I decided to get another this season as a backup. They are certainly not inexpensive, but they do what the maker says they do, which is to give good visibility with changing light, and to resist fogging quite well.


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